Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Greatest Showman fact and fiction

      About a year ago I had spent an unnecessary amount of time doing indepth research focused on the origin of the Circus. I tend to occasionally get hung up on a subject of nonsense from time to time... 

When I heard about a movie coming out focused on the creation of the Circus era,(The Greatest Showman) I was puuumped!

      There's not much need for a 
"Spoiler Alert"

      Hugh Jackman took on the part of P.T. Barnum. Opening Barnum's American museum in 1841. Located on the corner of Boradway in New York. 

The museum included wax figures replicating the famous, taxidermy animals, bullshit artifacts  (Such as the skeleton of a mermaid), and the well known freak show gang.

Many characters from the film portrayed real people involved with the original freak show.

Why was the museum really burnt down?

The movie shows a random mob of drunks protesting the freak show. Starting the arsen to rid the "monsters".

In was caused for political reasons. 

A group of eight southerners known as The Confederate Army of Manhattan created multiple arsens in New York. The plan was to overwhelm firefighting resources within the city.

Was Zac Efron supposed to be Bailey?

No. Zac Efron was just thrown into yet another musical because he's Zac Efron. Bailey had a circus of his own (Cooper and Bailey Circus). It wasnt until the 1880's that the two decided to team up.

Creating The Barnum and Bailey Circus.
Also known as...
 The Greatest Show on Earth

Wait...What about the Ringling Bros?

- Ringling Bros circus didn't opened until the 1870's. The show consisted of tje seven brothers each performed various circus acts.

- Within the next decade, the brothers caught the eye of Barnum & Bailey. Merging with eachother as one circus in the 1880's. 

Current day Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus
Shut down in 2017 by the Animal Rights Movement. You can thank PETA for the 36-years of protests. Thank you PETA, for making my dreams of performing that much harder.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Age: 14 - 24
Visits: 9

This round is honestly hard to talk about. 
Wasn't my typical mistake. 

Same psych hospital as last time. Which is a first. Everyone was jive beside myself and a roommate. She was too ill to socialize with. Created a clique with a jive dude and woman. 
Literally couldn't fully understand the dude half the time. 
I was in need of a translator.

He's an alcoholic.
One night while teaching the woman magic tricks out comes that dude with three large Styrofoam cups. Hands both of us a cup. It had various fruits and fruit juices. 
(Stashing any food in our room is a pretty serious violation)
We thank him.

"Yeah only thing missing is rum, but damn good ain't it?"
He didn't understand the humor of it.

Now I was stuck with all psychosis patients.
One decided to play checkers. She questioned me a few times about some scars on my arms. Called me a white devil and said she couldn't play anymore. 

That was confusing but I found it hilarious. Not offensive. 
Check that one off the bucket list. 

Finally an older country dude comes along. Two of his family members were shot in the vegas shooting still being hospitalized. He completely lost it...ending up in the psych wing. 

He sounded like Tommy Chong. 
I no longer needed a translator.

He was a happy guy, content with what he's experienced in life. My favorite being the story about stealing his neighbor's competition goat while drunk at some party. Then sold it to a slaughter house. Later getting arrested 

Ohh the places you'll go
Where the people you'll meet 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Circus life - Lyra week 3

Taking notes in class goes a long way. 
In Aerial 1 class I'd come in every week asking how to do something we've done a million times. 

(While in the middle of doing a trick) 
"So I wrap the rope around what leg? I think I'm stuck. trick are we doing again?"

You're allowed to bring in a guest to watch. My man's been wanting to...but I'm rather nervous. 
A fellow classmate had her girlfriend stop by to watch this week. 
Soooo...I asked the class if we could have a week where we all bring someone. Making it more comfortable for me to have my man come in. 
Of course they're down, so hopefully I don't fall on my face when that day comes...

Every few months the Flyhouse holds a showcase in which you can sign up to perform. The upcoming one has the theme "The Roaring 20's".
Definitely going to watch. Maybe sign up for the next showcase? Need that confidence boost first, and more training.

Monday, October 2, 2017


I use quite a bit of string and yarn doing crafty stuff. Leaving some extra on the floor for my evil cat to play with. 

While cleaning up the kitchen, picked up some yarn and threw it on my cats head as she passed by. To get it out of the way of course...

In the middle of doing dishes I look over and find my cat sitting comfortably on the living room couch. Yarn still on her head just as placed. It's been a good 5-10 if she has no idea it's there. Maybe it's fashionable? 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Circus life - Lyra week 2

Last week I shared my switch in circus art of choice. 
(Or Aerial hoop)

This week I've come to realize how much I love having no silk or trapeze rope to get tangled into.

Took the initiative to actually take notes this round. Couldn't manage for the longest time, as my forearms and hands would cramp up too much. 

Lyra is the only thing focused on in the class. I'm used to a bigger class with four groups. Switching from trapeze to silks mid class.

Only a handful of people are in this class. We're all comfortable with eachother with an amazing instructor. 
Sometimes change is good, right? 

My happy place

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

From hula hoop to aerial hoop

 Aerial 1 classes consisted of silks and trapeze. As some of you know, trapeze was my apparatus of choice.

 Why not silks?
Hammock silks were fun. Wrapping yourself up, letting go, unraveling to a drop. The whole "wrap yourself up" part is where I drew the line. It's like making a friendship bracelet, one wrap wrong everything's messed up. Let's just say I'm not the best at making friendship bracelets. 

This session I waved goodbye to trapeze and said hello to lyra. Also known as an aerial hoop.

Mounting onto the lyra hoop is the same way you'd mount onto a trapeze. 
Except when you swing up, there's no parallel ropes to grab...
It will take a minute getting used to gripping on a curve.

Below you'll see my buddy and I doing the mermaid pose. Coincidentally the pictures were taken at the same angle.

During class my man was waiting in the car with my cousins dog (Blue). Once class was done everybody came out to pet him.
After the petting of the pup we did some circus freak stuff in the parking lot before heading home. Got to borrow my buddy's adult pogo stick.

With a great teacher and awesome fellow students, this session should be a great experience.