Thursday, May 10, 2018

Words for Wednesday, but on Thursday

Every psychiatric hospital has that one patient. Doped up on Heldol talking to people invisible to the ordinary eye. Many see the invisible...but there's always that particular "one".

This one, an old lady. Who's always had those people. Alzheimer's had recently started to develop, to top off the cake.

One day someone decided to ask what her voices say to her.

which is always a huge no no to jump into with someone that confused, 
I've learned too many times

She replied though.
Not angry, but still upset.
Said she couldn't remember what the voices say lately, and hasn't been so lonely in her life.

She's so off the rocker, she misses her previous inner crazy.
Depressing enough to give my stomach moth flutters.

Topic inspired by Elephant's Child 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Static trapeze

Static Trapeze

Something I've struggled most explaining
when it comes to aerial arts
Mainly due to it being hard to picture in your head.

For example...

When I say flying trapeze, you've already created an image in your head
(am I wrong?)

Think more posing and less swaying.
Little to no movememt of the bar or ropes.

This is where I ramble about the video, explain
 what the pose I did. expected, I don't even recall the name.

But it's cool.

Because the mystery,
of what to expect happens after it all... exactly why I'll 
 Love me some trapeze.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

What's so bad down the rabbit hole

It can't be that bad down the rabbit hole...

Average rabbit, a skittish creature
Twitching away each second 
until a sudden sound
or movement
sends it scampering for the bushes. 

Why the bushes, sir.hare?
What's so bad down the rabbit hole?...

Curiosity killthe cat

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Where to find ridiculous crap we need

I adore browsing fellow bloggers "favorites" posts. What I don't adore....having to hunt on my own trying to find where to purchase similar items. Here's some of those "I personally feel everyone should love this" stuff....and where to actually buy!

Cheeseburger couch throw set
Who needs a cheeseburger couch, when you can decorate you couch in cheeseburger? Cheeseburger pillow and throw blanket bundle? Yes, please. This exact bundle of joy is no longer available on Etsy read more here
Snag some cotton food and click here to rock a loaf of bread instead

Burrito roll up utensil organizer
Things like this motivate us to organize. Who honestly wouldn't want this? I'd honestly spend money on this. When clean becomes cute....ohh a whole new game is at play.
You can find yourself a burrito organizer here

Cat skeleton wax candle

Burns the kitty from the inside out. 
Bahahahaa. Curious as to the time length of these. Maybe come in scents? 
Grab one at PyroPets or click here

Constellation Pendant

Deep down I believe everybody gets a comfort from zodiac, or at least the stars when they shine brightest.
Find your constellation pendant here

Unicorn head wallmount
Love the colors, however think a more taxidermy look would be far better. Creepy? Not some mystical BS. ...just a cut off stuffed unicorn head. 
Find one like this here

There's far more ridiculous stuff I feel are necessities. Feel free to share some crazy finds of yours!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Duo lyra gingers

Tried out duo Lyra last class of this session.  My partner happened to be a fellow ginger classmate.

I'm blessed with crazy arm strength. So I was the base for the acro moves. 
Never did join cheerleading knowing I'd be the girl catching, not being thrown.  

Overall it was surprisingly easy to balance with eachother. 

On the contrary,  I refuse to get into acrobatics. My safety depends on myself and another person. Not risking that. Nope nope nope. 

Wouldn't mind trying it out once more...

Friday, March 9, 2018

A year full of circus

This month marks my one year aerial anniversary.

Last year's goals

☆ Take Lyra (aerial hoop) classes
☆ Focus on trapeze instead of silks
 Stay/get more fit 

This year's goals

Choreograph Lyra routine
Get/stay fit
Study more trapeze

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Don't do drugs and stay in school

College. Cubicle. Student debt
Let's start from the beginning

Don't know what to major in yet? 
Take basic courses, you'll gain many sources
Just for this year, then your goals will be set

Still can't decide?

Here, just close your eyes and pick out of this hat
Dentist hygentist!
Try a semester or two, learned it isn't
 For you?

Well here, just close your eyes and pick out of this hat 
Medical, programming, engineering

Still not for you?
Try something new

Loans are getting high
Grab a side job or two

Still clueless?

Here, just close your eyes and pick out of this hat!